About AP Plus Insurance Brokers

Authorized Policy Insurance Brokers

A Saudi based insurance intermediary Established in 2004, licensed by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) in 2010. Our sole existence is to provide risk solutions by studying the nature of business for any client. Our tool is based on industry positioning for our clients, providing them a complete program covering tangible and intangible risk ensuring financial stability for business continuity.



To embody a tangible added value to our customers by employing our expertise and relationships to ensure their best interests, and more.


Making a mark in the Insurance industry as a leading Insurance broker.



We have a zero tolerance policy for corruption, bribery and lack of integrity, and we implement a number of procedures to ensure that our employees are aware of our ethical standards.


We require our employees to sign a conflict of interest policy. This policy prevents them from engaging in any activities that could harm their ability to provide objective, unbiased advice and services to their clients.


We take our responsibility to our customers, employees and stakeholders very seriously. We are committed to providing high quality services, creating a safe and healthy work environment, and keep in mind the company's economic, social and environmental role.


We share our business protocol with every Insurance policy, in which we disclose all information to the policyholder, including our fees, escalation methods, and details of the regulatory authorities. We also hold regular open meetings with our employees to discuss our business performance and plans for the future.