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Pleasure Boats

Provide coverage for the following:
Loss or damage to your boat, as well as to outboard motors, sails, special equipment, dinghies/tenders to a parent vessel and other accessories by almost any type of loss including collision, fire, theft or sinking.

Sums for which you may become legally liable to pay, such as:
• Bodily injury
• Death to any other person
• Damage to any other vessel or property which results from accidents occurring during the period for which your vessel is insured.

  • Extensions:

    • Trailers
    • Personal effects
    • Medical payments
    • Racing
    • Liability & third parties

  • Pre-requirement:

      Broker of Record
      Commercial Registration
      Wassel /National Address
      VAT Certificate
      3 years claims experience
      A declaration letter if first time insurance
      Proposal Form

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