We provide our clients with the best insurance solutions with considering a high level of quality and experienced staff, gaining their diploma and experience from different fields in insurance, and from this prospective we have enhanced our performance by generating a system with a high level of accuracy, where it fulfills the client needs as it quickens the process of applications, it is designed with an advanced technology which decrease the number of human mistakes, and provides detailed reports in a simplified readable way to the client, as authorized policy commits to its promises toward their clients where it accommodates them with continuous support and attention.

Going beyond the traditional way:

Our belief is that your security is our top priority. At AP PLUS, we differentiate our approach from the conventional methods of the broker service to offer the best solutions that suit our clients.

Our initial role, is to inform the client of the mitigating risks that their business is exposed to by offering a complete risk management program.

Key Benefits


Risk Identification

Review of current Insurance policies, study of business activity to identify all areas exposed to risk.


Risk Analysis

Study of all exposed risk and provide ways to decrease vulnerability, providing ways to minimize exposure


Risk Solutions

Tailor our terms and conditions send to the market ensuring that all aspects of risk exposure are covered.



Our role does not end yet, we dedicate our time in developing awareness and training seminars to our clients to educate the importance of insurance, discussing scenarios of claim occurrence and process and providing a tailored claim process manual for products insured.