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Fire and Allied Perils

Two kinds of policies:

1. Fire Policy: This covers insurers against the risk of losses or damages due to fire and lightning only.

2. Fire and Allied perils: Adding to the above mentioned cover, this type of policy covers a number of additional perils which may differ from one policy to another but most usually include the following perils:




Storms, tempests and floods


Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions


Aircraft or any other aerial devices or articles dropped from impact damage by your own or any third party road vehicles, horses or cattle.


Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes


Loss of profits or the interruption of business


Loss of Rent


Third party legal liability including the liability of landlords towards their tenants


Tenants liability towards their landlords


Strikes, riots & civil commotions


Malicious damage


Theft/Burglary following a forcible entry/exit from the insured premises


Accidental damage to plate glass fixed to the buildings


Removal of debris expenses following losses or damages to the insured property


Fire brigade charges and extinguishing expenses


Architects, surveyors and legal and consulting engineeing fees